Company: Xerox Corp.
Headquarters: Stamford, CT
Size of Company: 1,000 or more employees; more than $1B in revenue
Industry: Industrial/heavy equipment
Primary Product Line: Multifunction copiers/printers, digital presses, production copiers/printers
Name of Project: Xerox Lean Six Sigma Operations
Project Objective: To make plants leaner; improve productivity; speed up time to change over equipment from producing one color of toner to the next
Technologies Employed: N/A
Accomplishments/ROI: The Lean Six Sigma Master Black Belt team identified 32 hours of possible setup reduction time at the EA plant; increased annual toner production output 8%, totaling 400,000 pounds of toner per year; increased output; effected culture change where the staff embraces lean exercises and conducts mini-kaizen events when needed