Company: Symetrics Industries LLC
Headquarters: Melbourne, FL
Size of Company: 100-499 employees; $50M-$100M in revenue
Industry: Aerospace and defense
Primary Product Line: Systems that protect aircraft and lives from incoming missiles; communications and modems for aircraft; electronics manufacturing services
Name of Project: A Truly Paperless Production Floor
Project Objective: Grow business 15% per year; reduce costs; improve productivity 15% per year; reduce personnel in Configuration Management; improve quality 10% per year; cut paper consumption; improve on-time delivery
Technologies Employed: BlueCielo TeamWork, AutoCAD, AutoDesk Inventor, CRM, Epicor 9 Business Intel, SharePoint intranet, CircuitCAM (Aegis)
Accomplishments/ROI: Terminal cost was $24,500; configuration management savings, $75,000; productivity improvement, $125,000; rework reduction, $9,470; paper savings, $240; total savings of $419,710; payback in 43 days