Company: SME Education Foundation
Headquarters: Dearborn, MI
Size of Company: Fewer than 20 employees; $1M-$5M in revenuee
Industry: Association; non-manufacturing
Primary Product Line: Youth programs to inspire and equip the next-generation manufacturing workforce
Name of Project: Gateway Academy
Project Objective: To extend the Gateway Academy, a summer day camp to inspire students to learn more about science, technology, engineering, and math, throughout the United States. SME is partnering with Project Lead the Way to offer the program in more locations.
Technologies Employed: N/A
Accomplishments/ROI: More than 13,000 students have been introduced to science, technology, and math, with 85% now enrolled in Project Lead the Way pre-engineering curricula. SME has invested $5 million in this program and has leveraged $5 million from business partners around the country.