Company: Sanmina-SCI Corp.
Headquarters: San Jose, CA
Size of Company: 100-499 employees; $25M-$50M in revenue
Industry: Plastics and rubber products
Primary Product Line: Plastic electronics, computer components, aluminum die cast parts for recreational customers
Name of Project: Initiative — Global Competition
Project Objective: To keep work in the United States through two projects: to reduce costs for computer storage customers and to reduce costs for die cast power sports customers
Technologies Employed: AutoCAD, SolidWorks, Oracle DRP, Banner Gateway and Node, Allen-Bradley SLC 505 and Micro 1100
Accomplishments/ROI: Reduced total lead time to customer on six assemblies from 13 weeks to eight weeks; lowered customer and internal costs; increased utilization percentages for equipment. Sanmina owns the only set of tools for these assemblies so it can monitor everything and control tool-ware. Improved customer relationships and employee attitude and satisfaction; reduced disposal of plastic trays and cardboard cartons. For Project 1, a total cost reduction for the customer of $272,407 and internal savings of $91,000 on a $10,000 investment. Project 2 was competitively quoted and received work that would otherwise have gone to China.