Company: Radar Industries Inc.
Headquarters: Warren, MI
Size of Company: 100-499 employees; $100M-$250M in revenue
Industry: Automotive supplier
Primary Product Line: A, B, C, D pillars, mounts for braking, suspension, engine, transmissions, tapping plates, exhaust components, 100% automotive component parts
Name of Project: Casting to Stamping Reengineering
Project Objective: To save jobs and become more competitive; using existing knowledge and systems, reengineer a casting made overseas into stamped products made in the United States; save the customer money; improve product integrity
Technologies Employed: Dassault Systèmes CATIA CAD, Campfire PDM, Abaqus FEA, AIM Vision Automotive ERP, AIM Supply Chain Management, Microsoft Dynamics for Financials, Cleo LexiCom for EDI Communications
Accomplishments/ROI: A simplified manufacturing and assembly process reduced costs for customers and increased strength, safety, agility, and fuel efficiency; significant reduction in piece price; decreased logistics and lead time; program cost offset by eliminating the cost to cast and machine the raw castings, providing a competitive edge