Company: Phoenix Logistics, Inc.
Headquarters: Tempe, AZ
Size of Company: 50-99 employees; $5M-$10M
Industry: Aerospace and defense
Primary Product Line: High-frequency connectors, cable assemblies, and components; data bus components for NASA, subassemblies for International Space Station; data transmission for helicopter, fighter, and transport platforms
Name of Project: Aerospace Supplier Adds Value with Fully Integrated Manufacturing System
Project Objective: To automate workflow and eliminate stand-alone systems, paper filing, and manual document processing
Technologies Employed: Plex Online from Plex Systems, Plex ML Kors Engineering
Accomplishments/ROI: Paperless, real-time traceability and visibility into status, issues, projected ship date, and exceptions management; reduced audit time 25% and cycle time 25%; reduced production and shipping cycle times 10%; total yearly direct savings of $254,000 with ROI within 18 months