Company: Inteva Products LLC
Headquarters: Troy, MI
Size of Company: 1,000 or more employees
Industry: Automotive OEM
Primary Product Line: Interiors and closure systems, cockpits, latch and closure systems, door modules, window lift systems, advanced development systems
Name of Project: Launch integrated system at Inteva to improve results
Project Objective: To provide employees globally with strategic insight into day-to-day operations from shop floor to top floor; provide consistent and integrated business information to all workers; launch quality management system for continuous improvement, defect prevention, and variation and waste reduction
Technologies Employed: Plex Online PLM, Cisco LAN/WAN
Accomplishments/ROI: Revamped purchase order workflow process; critical information can be viewed through a dashboard in real time; cut one-third from monthly IT budget; ROI expected within five years; increased flexibility