Company: Dow Corning Corp.
Headquarters: Midland, MI
Size of Company: 1,000 or more employees; more than $1B in revenue
Industry: Chemicals
Primary Product Line: Silicon-based products, such as adhesives, insulating materials, lubricants for aerospace, automotive, and electrical uses
Name of Project: EWI Program for Batch Manufacturing
Project Objective: To move global manufacturing sites from manual, paper-based systems to drive out non-value activities, ensure employee safety, improve product quality, and drive supply chain productivity
Technologies Employed: Performix xMES suite, SAP ERP and MII ERP, OSIsoft
Accomplishments/ROI: Improved MES processes by transferring data to mobile device on shop floor; eliminated errors, increased operator effectiveness, improved long-term archiving, compliance, and auditing. Also, real-time alerts improved customer response time