Company: COTY Inc.
Headquarters: New York/Paris
Size of Company: More than 1,000 employees; more than $1B in revenue
Industry: Consumer packaged goods, house, health, beauty products
Primary Product Line: Fragrance and beauty products
Name of Project: State-of-the-Art IT Integration Overhaul
Project Objective: To build a new integration architecture for worldwide supply chain management operations; quickly integrate the existing IT infrastructure with IBM’s and Unilever’s, without high costs and time constraints of manual coding; enter the services-oriented architecture (SOA) arena
Technologies Employed: iWay Software, Information Builders
Accomplishments/ROI: Company is SOA-ready; unified infrastructure can integrate easily with new acquisitions; closer to being a real-time organization; eliminated manual coding; net benefit of $8.1 million and ROI of 415% within two months