Company: Columbus Foods Co.
Headquarters: Des Plaines, IL
Size of Company: 50-100 employees
Industry: Consumer products
Primary Product Line: Vegetable oils, vegetable and animal shortenings, biodiesel, soap, printing ink
Name of Project: The Aerohive Wireless LAN
Project Objective: To automate and streamline inventory and order fulfillment processes, and reduce errors by using handheld scanners connected to a wireless LAN
Technologies Employed: Microsoft Dynamics SL, JAAS Advanced Manufacturing Software, Aerohive Networks HiveAP 20 ag access points and Aerohive HiveManager, ADTRAN switches, Symbol handheld scanner
Accomplishments/ROI: Eliminated need for costly centralized controllers by integrating controller functionality into every wireless access point. Improved all aspects of inventory control, such as picking and shipping, cycle counts, and item lookups