Company: Cisco Consumer Group
Headquarters: San Jose, CA
Size of Company: 500-999 employees; more than $1B in revenue
Industry: High tech
Primary Product Line: Personal networking, multimedia/entertainment, communication, security/monitoring, wireless, VPN security, routers and switches, storage
Name of Project: Building a Sustainable S&OP Model
Project Objective: To trim inventory and improve customer service; build new structure around S&OP; re-engineer demand forecasting
Technologies Employed: Symphony Metro FS&OP Manager
Accomplishments/ROI: Cost of the project was about $2 million. Improved forecast accuracy from 35% to 80% at the SKU level; cut inventory 60% over three years; lowered expediting costs 93%; improved on-time shipments from 60% to 93%; reduced obsolete and excess inventory 37%; reduced customer inventory 30%; improved supplier schedule adherence from 65% to 99%