Company: ADTRAN, Inc.
Headquarters: Huntsville, AL
Size of Company: 1,000 or more employees; $250M-$500M in revenue
Industry: High tech (computers, communications, office)
Primary Product Line: IAD Integrated Access Devices, switches, routers, plug-in cards, HDSL telecommunications equipment
Name of Project: Embedding CSR in the DNA of your company
Project Objective: To involve employees, suppliers, and service providers in CSR goals, metrics, and execution of our plan; gain recognition as a socially responsible business leader
Technologies Employed: N/A
Accomplishments/ROI: Increased energy reduction savings by 15% in 2009, compared with 2006; increased landfill diversion and recycling to 65%. New packaging that uses eco-friendly packaging materials decreases the size and weight of products. ROI is expected to be in the multiple $100K area.