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vanns.png“With SYSPRO, we can tell which spice went into which blends—even into which bottle and onto which customer’s shelf.” —Mick Whitlock, President, Vanns Spices






ERP upgrade’s stock-tracking feature a vital ingredient for spice company

When a company makes more than 2,000 products for 300-plus customers, tracking inventory is crucial. Vann’s Spices Ltd. is a manufacturer of spices, spice blends, and flavorings for private-label customers, including markets, restaurants, and Websites, as well as larger clients. The company was having a hard time stocking the items it needed to fill orders, particularly custom blending recipes.

The company knew it needed an updated ERP system designed for a custom-shop environment to improve supply chain performance, monitor cash flow, align inventories with anticipated usage, and determine which stock items had fallen below required levels and needed automated replenishment. Vanns’ existing WINMAN software was dated and could not produce the reports the company needed.

The solution: SYSPRO ERP software, which was installed by SYSPRO’s Reseller Operations Resource Group (ORG). The implementation was done remotely, using GoToMeeting and conference calls. Converting all of Vanns’ basic recipes into SYSPRO’s formula-based BOMs was a key task, as was adding all the required unique stock codes into inventory. This enabled Vanns to use the SYSPRO purchasing and production planning tools to see actual costing and add lot-trace disciplines.

“A requirement of our supermarket customers is that we have the ability to do lot-tracking,” says Vanns president Mick Whitlock. “Though we make over 2,000 blends of spices, with SYSPRO we can tell which spice went into which blends—even into which bottle and onto which customer’s shelf.”

The company’s choice of SYSPRO software has been validated many times over, according to Whitlock. “The software’s reporting functionality, linked into Crystal Reports, is phenomenal,” he says. “I can now show our board sales volume of each product and packaging, which products are our most profitable, and so on. The reports give us an in-depth picture of our company at any point in time.”

Whitlock estimates that the project’s return has been roughly eight times its investment since SYSPRO went online two years ago. But for him, the bottom line is clear: “Since implementing SYSPRO, we actually have fewer employees and we have more sales, so that in itself is indicative of the wisdom of our selection.”