ML 100 Awards
smartsynch.png“The PM100 Award underscores our position as a leading provider of smart grid solutions for the utility industry.” —Stephen D. Johnston, CEO, SmartSynch






Manufacturer pioneers the networked residential smart meter

A few years ago when Texas-New Mexico Power (TNMP) was looking to roll out a long-term strategic modernization plan, it turned to SmartSynch Inc. to handle the job. SmartSynch is a manufacturer of standards-based smart meters that utilize existing cellular networks. SmartSynch’s innovations in the two-way delivery of real-time energy usage data over existing cellular networks has simplified deployments for more than 150 North American utilities like TNMP.

SmartSynch’s smart meter technology and its work with utilities such as TNMP earned it a 2011 PM100 Award for Operational Excellence.

In late 2009, TNMP selected SmartSynch’s SmartMeter for a 10,000-unit point-to-point trial deployment to residential customers throughout the utility’s Texas market. As luck would have it, SmartSynch had recently teamed with network service provider AT&T to give utilities a cost-effective option for leveraging smart grid technology. TNMP was the first utility to capitalize on SmartSynch’s alliance with AT&T.

The company sought to roll out a host of smart grid technologies as part of its modernization plan to establish long-term strategic energy management capabilities. TNMP planned to monitor customer usage data in 15-minute increments, expand capabilities to support energy management, and provide a Home Area Network communications gateway for retail energy providers. SmartSynch’s technology was used to provide faster and safer response to customer service requests and power outages, while reducing its meter reading and work order costs.

Over the course of a year, using the SmartSynch meters, TNMP consistently achieved a near-perfect (99.96%), uninterrupted read rate regardless of where the SmartMeter units were deployed.

The project has also pioneered networked smart meter-based services for other utilities. Network providers’ service contracts have fallen in price and are now more cost competitive. Rate plans have dropped to pennies per meter per month, and carriers have dropped rates by as much as 95% in the past year.

“SmartSynch is pleased to be named a PM100 Winner for 2011,” says SmartSynch CEO Stephen D. Johnston. “It underscores our position as a leading provider of smart grid solutions for the utility industry, our belief in strong relationships with strategic partners such as AT&T, and our continued commitment to delivering the most robust, secure, and reliable solutions on the market.”