ML 100 Awards
satellite.png“Many companies our size have not taken the step of becoming global.” —Todd Hilde, president and CEO, Satellite Industries




Manufacturer proves you don’t have to be a Fortune 500 company to drive a successful global initiative

Satellite Industries is a leading manufacturer of portable sanitation products sold in more than 75 countries. For this relatively small company, connecting employees—who are spread over 15 locations, speak 12 languages, and operate in four currencies—with worldwide customers and suppliers was becoming a daunting task.

The company decided it needed to tie all of its locations together using one seamless, integrated ERP system that was managed centrally and deployed globally.

In 2005, the company initially deployed Sage’s ERP X3 software across its worldwide locations, leveraging Sage’s CRM module together with a customer self-service portal, Web store, EDI functionality, and a supplier self-service portal. Satellite subsequently implemented the latest version of the ERP software, X3 V.5, in 2010, and distributed Apple iPads to employees. The iPads connect to the ERP system via AT&T’s 3G network, thereby enabling seamless, 24/7 service around order entry, customer service, and business intelligence.

The company has graduated from depending on improvised tribal knowledge to giving workers the ability to easily extract the real-time data that helps them make informed choices.

Customers and suppliers, too, are able to make more informed decisions because they have up-to-date business information available through the self-service portals. For example, the Web store allows customers to log in and manage their accounts, place orders, reprint invoices, and even see which checks were applied to which invoices.

Suppliers are able to log in to X3 to see the orders on which they need to execute. They can also generate their own PO on Satellite’s ERP system and prepare invoices. This allows 60% of the company’s orders to be shipped directly from supplier to end-user.

This transformational project has resulted in Satellite being recognized as a PM100 Award winner in the Business Model Mastery category.

“Many companies our size have not taken the step of becoming global,” says Todd Hilde, president and CEO of Satellite Industries. “Our adventurous spirit has pushed us to all corners of the world, and the need to leverage technology has become increasingly critical. We have deployed technology to link our supply chain and customers by utilizing multiple technology platforms and processes. You do not need to be a Fortune 500 company to leverage technology globally, but you do need the drive and the spirit.”