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panduit.pngPanduit has constructed its new world headquarters as a real-life demonstration of UPI technology and its benefits.






Linking infrastructure to IT saves $300,000 in energy costs, $500,000 in operational efficiencies

Businesses today need new ways to improve efficiency, performance, and sustainability. One emerging tactic lies in adopting intelligent building systems that link real estate to the enterprise.

Panduit Corp. not only offers Unified Physical Infrastructure (UPI)-based solutions to support this linkage, but has constructed its new world headquarters in Tinley Park, Ill., as a real-life demonstration of the technology and its benefits: lower operating costs, energy reduction, greater collaboration, and improved business agility.

Panduit’s Connected Building Initiative connects, manages, and optimizes building and IT systems such as HVAC, lighting, blinds, security, communications, and power at the company’s headquarters. It also establishes a Unified Operations Center that centralizes security, network, and data center operations for all Panduit facilities in one location.

The effort, which won Panduit a 2011 PM100 Award for Leadership Mastery, began with three proof-of-concept projects during the first half of 2009, continued through planning and construction of the headquarters building, and went live in June 2010. It relies on collaboration and technology integration with several industry-leading partners; this includes monitoring and control of physical data points like lights, environmental sensors, and power outlets; database management; business rules; time and labor; and human capital management and financial systems.

To date, results have been impressive. The building has reduced energy costs by $300,000. Merging security, network, and data center operations from across the globe into the Unified Operations Center generates $500,000 annually in operational efficiencies. Maintenance costs have dropped 10% through proactive maintenance spurred by better visibility, diagnostics, and reporting.

Panduit forecasts additional savings due to reduced water consumption, and expects its new headquarters building to achieve LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) Gold Certification from the U.S. Green Building Council.

With quantified results and a real-life demonstration facility, Panduit has begun marketing its Connected Building expertise to other organizations. Offerings include product solutions and reference architectures, as well as professional services.

As Panduit CIO Joanne Tyree puts it, “We are honored to be recognized for our state-of-the-art, intelligent building and helping to drive the industry toward more sustainable, efficient, and secure business operations.”