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JetEdge.png“Our new parts Website has made it easier for customers to find parts, access parts drawings, and make secure transactions.” —Deron Roberts, Director of Parts and Service, Jet Edge



The water-jet systems manufacturer’s replacement parts Web portal drives $60,000 in value to its bottom line

Jet Edge, a manufacturer of high-pressure industrial water-jet systems, wanted to provide its customers with an online tool to order replacement parts.

The key to doing so, the company knew, would be a tool that would be simple to use, but the tool had to link to the company’s ERP system to enable customers to see Jet Edge’s entire parts catalog, place orders online, and review orders.

To reach these objectives, Jet Edge undertook a project to integrate its existing parts Website with its Infor ERP SyteLine manufacturing system. Internally, the project needed to reduce the operational cost of Website maintenance while increasing order volume without adding staff. The integrated system needed to include credit card processing, shipping options, and automated submission of orders into SyteLine, which was used for accounting. The user experience also needed improvement, with better site navigation and easy–to-use search functionality.

In the machine tool industry, providing end-users with simple-to-use tools is the key to success. Giving end-users the means they need to easily find desired items results in less frustration and greater efficiency in their jobs, and makes them more inclined to buy parts from a company providing them with such a tool. Making a parts site better also increases internal efficiencies because customers require less phone support in sourcing replacement parts.

Jet Edge’s project resulted in a very detailed but easy-to-use online parts site. Internally, Jet Edge streamlined order processing and credit card transactions, and reduced data entry and shipping-address errors. The company also uses the site internally to find parts within assemblies more easily.

With the fully integrated site connected to the company’s ERP system, Jet Edge required less in-house support in assisting end-users with their needs. It also reduced data entry errors, and helped increase online parts sales by making it easier for customers to find parts and order them.

Based on reducing manual data entry costs, improving customer service, and strengthening the company’s competitive standing, Jet Edge believes the project contributes more than $60,000 annually to its bottom line.

“Our new parts Website has made it easier for customers to find parts, access parts drawings, and make secure transactions,” said Deron Roberts, Jet Edge’s director of parts and service. “Internally, it has eliminated immense amounts of data entry and has streamlined our order processing, saving us the expense of hiring an additional employee.”