ML 100 Awards
honeywell.png“Honeywell created a new, more agile business model to transform the way we manage and operate a government facility.” —Henry Parente, Director, Honeywell Operating System and Six Sigma



Defense manufacturer streamlines its plant procedural instruction system

When Honeywell Federal Manufacturing & Technologies LLC created its Command Media system 10 years ago, the idea was to provide workers with a simple, clear plant-wide procedural instruction system. Ten years later, however, the system had grown to more than 1,500 documents, and Honeywell began receiving unfavorable feedback from Command Media users who were having difficulty searching and using the system. In addition, the previous business model was static, and did not allow for easy integration with business excellence initiatives.

So, Honeywell FM&T set out to transform Command Media into a simple structure that could be effectively used to support a responsive infrastructure while reducing the overall number of documents. Command Media also would be aligned with business excellence initiatives such as ISO 9001 and Baldrige.

The resulting transformation not only simplified the Command Media system, but also helped Honeywell FM&T take significant cost out of its operations.

“As a part of our effort to save the U.S. taxpayer $100 million year-over-year, Honeywell created a new, more agile business model to transform the way we manage and operate a government facility,” says Henry Parente, director of the Honeywell Operating System and Six Sigma. “This includes a quality system transformation, which allowed us to reduce the size and scope of Command Media by 50% and helped us focus on the right instructions for our mission at the appropriate level of detail.”

That achievement earned Honeywell FM&T a 2011 PM100 Award for Operational Excellence.

Honeywell FM&T, which manages and operates an engineering and manufacturing facility for the National Nuclear Security Administration, and engineers and produces materials used to create the non-nuclear components in our nation’s nuclear weapon stockpile, undertook the Command Media Transformation project through a number of phased initiatives. Command Media was then reorganized and consolidated by 50%, resulting in a more streamlined and easier-to-use system with enhanced search.

This project, based on content management software from Oracle, supported Honeywell’s strategy of adapting best commercial practices and continual improvement. The Command Media Transformation effort has enabled the company to deploy a more agile, integrated system for procedural work instructions, as well as a business model that aligns with future needs and best business practices.