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exemplis.pngAll functions and activities relating to the replenishment of materials are executed through the online Web portal.




eKanban helps furniture maker reduce inventory while keeping on-time delivery promises

Exemplis Corp., the maker of Sit-OnIt Seating and IDEON chairs and tables, is a manufacturer of contract furniture for the commercial, healthcare, hospitality, and office markets. To win in this highly competitive industry, Exemplis needs to make sure it can consistently meet the on-time delivery promises it makes to its customers.

The Exemplis supply chain organization, however, had been experiencing issues with its existing MRP-based planning tool. Material stock-outs sometimes led to the company missing on-time delivery goals, particularly during peak demand seasons. Also, increased warehousing costs and off-site storage due to excessive inventory were posing problems.

The company’s business model needed a high-level fulfillment rate in a lowcost, build-to-order environment. Exemplis sought a simple visual system that could optimize inventory, prevent over-ordering of materials, improve the company’s ability to respond to changes in demand, and minimize risk of inventory obsolescence. Enter eKanban.

Exemplis implemented Ultriva’s eKanban software to automate replenishment, PO generation, supplier fulfillment, supplier shipment, and receipt at the factory. The Webbased Kanban portal system that the company implemented enabled Exemplis to automate, track, and manage inventory levels based on pure demand-driven usage at the point of consumption.

Today, eKanban is the primary resource for data exchanges for both suppliers and the Exemplis supply chain group. All functions and activities relating to the rplenishment of materials are executed through the online Web portal.

The eKanban project enabled Exemplis to achieve every goal set forth. The system, for example, allowed Exemplis to optimize inventory levels, prevent overordering of materials, place replenishment triggers at the point of use, improve response time to changes in demand, and minimize the risk of inventory obsolescence.

The company has been pleased with the results of the eKanban project, and eager to share the news with others in the industry. “We are very honored to be chosen as a PM100 winner,” says Craig DuMity, director of operations at Exemplis.

“We strive for continuous operational excellence in all aspects of our business, and look forward to sharing our successes with our fellow PM100 winners.”