ML 100 Awards
certified.tiff.png“Certified Transmission utilizes technological advancements as a way to work smarter, rather than just harder.” —Peter Fink, president, Certified Transmission Rebuilders




Company makes a smooth shift to advanced scheduling system

Before Certified Transmission Rebuilders Inc. implemented an automated scheduling system, the way the growing company planned production was strictly manual. A scheduler personally asked each technician how many transmissions he needed for the next day. The scheduler would then decide which transmissions were required and arrange to have them delivered to the work center by the next morning. Scheduling depended upon many variables including individual productivity, demand for specific transmission brands, and current orders.

To improve this process, the independent remanufacturer of automotive transmissions and maker of the Road Ripper Series transmissions implemented advanced planning and scheduling (APS) software from Demand Solutions that fully automated the scheduling process for the 75 transmission technicians at its Omaha, NE, and Fort Dodge, IA, plants. The objective was to optimize the scheduling of work for individual transmission technicians to achieve the company’s goal of improved manufacturing throughput. Better staff scheduling and planning improved the company’s ability to plan staff training, and having a properly trained staff led to improved quality and service levels.

In recognition of the project, Certified Transmission received the PM100 Award in the Operational Excellence category.

“Certified Transmission utilizes technological advancements as a way to work smarter, rather than just harder,” says Peter Fink, president of Certified Transmission Rebuilders. “This increases efficiency, and allows the company to get top-quality products to customers more quickly.”

The use of APS helped Certified Transmission eliminate the manual scheduler position. APS schedules work orders using mathematical calculations to determine which resource can produce the unit most efficiently. This allowed Certified to improve stocking/production levels, resulting in a 30% reduction in inventory.

As Certified’s business has grown, so have stock level requirements. Certified has increased its overall throughput of the units it produces by as much as 50%. The project also enabled the company to improve stocking levels of its 3,000 finished transmissions and $1.5 million in parts, as well as improve productivity. The company has realized a 5% increase in each builder’s efficiency as a result of the automated scheduling. The APS software has also given Certified Transmission visibility into every planned order, allowing the company to identify training needs for future growth.