ML 100 Awards
card-monroe_corp..pngThe purpose of Tufting-U is to make CMC indispensable to customers by offering unique technical training.



An educational program is creating customer loyalty and new business opportunities

Throughout its 30-year history, Card-Monroe Corp. (CMC) has focused on building the best high-speed tufting machinery for manufacturing carpets, rugs, and artificial turf. But when the global economy slowed, causing customer budgets to tighten, a great product simply wasn’t enough. That’s when Card-Monroe’s executive team decided to create educational services to strengthen customer relationships.

The result: Tufting University (Tufting-U), a technical training center that is helping position CMC as more than just a machine manufacturer.

CMC sells and manufacturers customized tufting machines priced at up to $2 million. Such large capital investments require that customers be thoroughly trained in the capability and complexity of the machinery so they can optimize performance, and provide maintenance and repair when needed.

To that end, the purpose of Tufting-U is to make CMC indispensable to customers by offering unique technical training that is essential to improving operating efficiency. The mission is to advance customer success by sharing technical knowledge and insights regarding the art and science of tufting.

This kind of technical training and support is an important part of the deepening relationship between CMC and its customers. For this reason, CMC’s Tufting-U has been recognized as a PM100 winning project in the Customer Mastery category.

“This award confirms what we and our customers have been experiencing since Tufting University was first launched – that knowledge and skill advancement for tufting industry employees is an important element of corporate and individual success,” says Charles F. Monroe, CMC’s president.

Tufting-U opened its doors at the CMC factory in Chattanooga, TN, in January 2008. To date, more than 270 people from all over the world have attended the program; students have included plant managers, engineers, product designers, mechanics, and operators.

Tufting-U creates a reciprocal learning environment where CMC trainers can find out customers’ ever-changing technical needs. CMC has also improved its own technical documentation process and product illustration rendering capability, as well as open new avenues for sales interaction with customers while managing a new value stream for enhancing customer relationships.

The ROI for CMC has been a strong gain in market share and a pronounced rebound of new business throughout the past year.