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Brentwood.png“We continue to provide excellent customer service; SyteLine is essential to that solution.” –Kenneth Kemp, IT Manager, Brentwood Industries



Plastic producer’s project speeds data to maintain company’s growth

Brentwood Industries had a challenge that most companies wouldn’t mind one bit: a 45% growth rate over the past six years. But the plastic-products maker’s real problem was that its burgeoning need for business data was overloading its systems and threatening to stymie its impressive growth.

So, the company launched its Business Technology Initiative, implementing new business software that would allow users to access data directly and more quickly to enable them to make decisions more efficiently. Brentwood installed a new version of its existing Infor ERP SyteLine manufacturing system, an upgrade that involved its six domestic plants as well as facilities in Thailand and the Czech Republic.

The initiative eliminated monthly manual entry of inventory and financial information between disparate systems. It also enabled a new planning and scheduling engine that provided available-to-promise dates for quotes while also allowing for leaner inventory. This reduced manufacturing labor from 8.6% to 4.8%, and pushed scrap totals below 2%, while on-time shipment rates rose to more than 98%.

In addition, entering customer orders is 30% faster with the new system, and customer service is improved because the new functionality allows staffers to access information without having to make phone calls to other departments. These impressive results earned Brentwood a PM100 Award in the Data & Integration Mastery category.

“We are able to continue to grow our business, meet strategic objectives, and continue to provide excellent customer service to our customers,” says Kenneth Kemp, Brentwood’s IT manager. “Infor’s SyteLine software is essential to that solution.”

The project took less than a year from startup to go-live, with extra functionality added to the ERP software in subsequent months. A team of 12 led the project; overall project costs, including hardware, software, and consulting, came in at around $200,000. And even with Brentwood’s impressive growth rate, the company was able to keep staff additions to a minimum because of the efficiencies gained through the Business Technology Initiative.