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BostonCenterless.png“What sets us apart is the added value we bring to our customers through our enhanced ERP system.”—Rob Berger, IT Director, Boston Centerless




Manufacturer replaces outdated technology with Made2Manage ERP system

For a number of years, Boston Centerless, a manufacturer of ground bar materials and provider of grinding services, used manufacturing software that was developed as a custom application based on the Pick database and operating system. But the program became outdated and didn’t provide the level of information and analysis Boston Centerless needed. The company had to make the decision to acquire a new enterprise resource planning system.

Its choice was the Made2Manage ERP system from Consona Corp. In selecting Made2Manage, Boston Centerless also established a number of goals it wanted to achieve, including the automation of many of its business processes, the establishment of uniform best practices throughout the organization, and the provision of real-time information that leads to more-informed decisions.

Boston Centerless was able to fast-track going live with Made2Manage by incorporating the use of an Advanced Configurator module as a tool for developing customer quotes and sales orders with a higher level of accuracy. The configurator uses wizards to ask a user a series of questions, resulting in complete and consistent orders. This has allowed Boston Centerless to be more productive with its staff; it also created the cascading effect of allowing inside sales to be more responsive and reliable, and to operate with increased efficiency.

Boston Centerless’ customers typically order bar materials ground to ultra-precise tolerances. In many cases, they also have specific requirements for roundness, straightness, and surface finish. Depending upon the application, there may also be stringent specifications to which the material selected must conform, requiring selection of specific heat lots that match a customer’s specifications. Some customers want a copy of the mill certificate, and others want a certificate of analysis on letterhead with an excerpt of chemical and physical properties from the mill certificate. And most customers want these documents to ship with the material.

Made2Manage helped Boston Centerless improve overall efficiency, allowing the company to support an increase in production in excess of 20% without having to hire additional staff. The company also increased on-time delivery from 88% to 98%, and increased job labor tracking through the use of the Made2Manage Shop Floor Manager module.

Says Rob Berger, Boston Centerless’ director of IT: “What sets us apart is not just our ability to produce ultra-precise, industry-best ground bar stock with consistency in tolerance, roundness, and straightness, but also the speed to market and added value that we can bring to our customers through our enhanced ERP system.”