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atiindustrial.png“The Intuitive ERP solution gives us new features that are helping our enterprise achieve continuous improvement.” —Dave Lora, Information Systems Manager, ATI Industrial Automation




Customized ERP system helps track robotics product data and boosts efficiency

With thousands of highly modular products and new configurations added every day, fast-growing robotics company ATI Industrial Automation needed to accurately manage its product data to meet tight standards of quality and tough delivery deadlines.

Over the last decade, ATI has experienced rapid growth. So, its previous ERP system was no longer keeping pace with the thousands of new products that were constantly being added to ATI’s inventory, and was no longer robust enough to meet the company’s needs.

After investigating several ERP packages, ATI chose Intuitive ERP from Consona Corp. Since implementing the system in December 2004, the company has continually added new functionality, through both Intuitive enhancements and its own customization to suit its specific business model needs. These included an integrated inventory system, price lists, serial number tracking, and a company intranet.

In August 2008, ATI added Intuitive’s Shop Floor Manager module to the system, which provides details of the status of every job in production and the workload in each work center. From 2007 to 2010, this allowed ATI to process 25%-30% more work orders with fewer staff.

As 95% of ATI’s shipments go out via UPS, the company also integrated the system with the UPS WorldShip product. As a result, it dramatically reduced the number of shipping errors by eliminating redundant data entry and rekeying errors. UPS WorldShip now automatically exports data, such as tracking numbers and package weights, back to Intuitive ERP for easier access.

ATI has already seen a number of improvements across its operations. It increased revenue by 70% within the first two years of using the new system; reached 97% on-time delivery; reduced inventory levels by 15%, while increasing accuracy; expanded its product set by around 240 items per month; significantly improved its ability to track thousands of serial numbers, enhancing quality control and customer service; and improved cash flow and productivity levels by executing just-in-time material and labor scheduling.

“The Intuitive ERP solution has made such a difference for us,” says Dave Lora, ATI’s information systems manager. “We get access to new features that are helping our enterprise achieve continuous improvement.”