ML 100 Awards
adtran.png“This tool enables members of our management team to view business-specific data via a customizable dashboard.” —Tom Dadmun, Vice President, Program Management Office, ADTRAN




ADTRAN integrates QlikView enterprise business intelligence dashboard

As the telecommunications industry grapples with rising consumer demand for greater bandwidth, new applications, and continually lower costs, ADTRAN, a global supplier of networking and communications equipment, realized it had to be able to make decisions faster and more accurately using real-time data.

The Huntsville, AL-based company needed a tool set that would enable management at all levels to analyze data quickly and efficiently, thus allowing for more accurate and timely decision-making. Its vision materialized in the Enterprise Business Intelligence Dashboard project, which was launched to speed up decision-making and increase responsiveness to both internal and external customers. ADTRAN wanted to transform itself from an enterprise that spent 80% of its time collecting data and 20% on analysis to one in which those percentages were inverted.

The backdrop to the project is the rapidly changing telecommunications industry. Today, telecommunications carriers are attempting to deal with increasing consumer demands for broadband network access as well as continual pressures to reduce costs. At the same time, user demands are rising for additional mobile data applications as well as streaming video. ADTRAN had to take these market forces into account as it planned its dashboard project even as its own international business was growing.

ADTRAN’s program management office was tasked to select business intelligence tools that would best fit the company’s manufacturing/engineering operations and corporate culture. After the core project team reduced the candidates to three, a cross-functional user group of 30 members was assembled to assess the tools through a series of demonstrations and presentations. Upon receiving feedback from the user group and performing an assessment of the overall goals of the project utilizing a Kepner-Tregoe weighting system, the team vetted the candidates and chose QlikTech’s QlikView product.

ADTRAN’s successful implementation of this system has been recognized for excellence. “We are honored to be named a winner in the Progressive Manufacturing 100 Awards for our unique use of the QlikView enterprise business intelligence dashboard,” said Tom Dadmun, vice president of the program management office. “This tool enables members of our management team to view business-specific data via a customizable dashboard, allowing decisions to be made faster and increasing our ability to quickly and efficiently respond to customers.”