Manufacturing Leadership Awards

Lifetime Achievement Award—Individual winners in this category will have demonstrated, through a lifetime of achievement, profound and lasting impacts on the advancement of manufacturing. Through their ideas and actions, winners will have pioneered technologies, transformative production methods, new business models, or market-changing products that are forming the foundation of the Manufacturing 4.0 era now transforming manufacturing. Winners of the Lifetime Achievement Award have forever enhanced the manufacturing industry and set a high example for leaders who follow.

To submit an individual for consideration for the Lifetime Achievement Award, send your nomination and statement of support by email to Jeffrey Moad ( by September 22, 2017.

Criteria for the 2018 Lifetime Achievement Award – The award winner will be selected by the Manufacturing Leadership Council Board of Governors based on his or her track record influencing critical issues impacting the manufacturing industry such as  Factories of the Future, The Collaborative Manufacturing Enterprise, and Transformative Technologies which are redefining next-generation manufacturing leadership.  The major criteria for selection are:

  • Through his/her visionary ideas, actions, and accomplishments the winner has served as  a key enabler for the global Manufacturing 4.0 revolution we are experiencing today in manufacturing;
  • The winner, as an individual, has made a personal contribution in enabling the Manufacturing 4.0 revolution;
  • The winner’s contributions have made a positive, industry-wide impact.

Past Winners of the Manufacturing Leadership Lifetime Achievement Award

2014: Richard E. Dauch, co-founder and executive chairman of the board of American Axle and Manufacturing.

2015: James E. Harbour, automotive manufacturing pioneer, founder, Harbour and Associates, Inc.

2016: Charles W. Hull, inventor of stereolithography (3D Printing) and co-founder and CTO of 3D Systems, Inc.

2017: Leo Reddy, founder, chairman, CEO, Manufacturing Skills Standards Council; founder, former CEO, National Coalition for Advanced Manufacturing.