David R. Brousell
Global Vice President, Research, and Editorial Director
Manufacturing Leadership Council

David R. Brousell, the veteran technology editor and writer, has been a professional journalist since 1975. He currently serves as Vice President & Editorial Director of Manufacturing Executive, a division of Frost & Sullivan and publisher of Manufacturing Executiveand producer of the Manufacturing Leadership Summit. Brousell started his career in technology journalism in 1978 at Electronic News, a weekly newspaper covering the computer and electronics industries. He pioneered EN’s coverage of the then emerging independent software industry. In 1985, he joined Datamation Magazine, a publication devoted to information technology, and was named Editor-in-Chief in 1991. In the mid to late 1990s, he served as Vice President & Editorial Director at Sentry Publishing Co., in charge of that firm’s Software Magazine, Client-Server Computer Magazine and Sentry Market Research publications. In 1997, he became Vice President of Strategy at Softbank Comdex, the organizer of the huge Comdex technology trade show and conference.

Brousell has introduced numerous innovations, including launching the manufacturing industry’s first social media-based, paid membership community with Manufacturing Executive, an emphasis on covering the intersection of IT and business, the industry’s first plant floor to enterprise systems reader study, and the Progressive Manufacturing concept, which advocates business transformation coupled with the adoption of advanced technologies to create competitive advantage for manufacturers. Brousell has received numerous journalism awards. In the late 1980s at Datamation, he received two consecutive Jesse H. Neal Editorial Achievement Awards, the highest award for business journalism in the U.S. Under his leadership Manufacturing Executives and its predecessor organizations have been cited 11 times for editorial achievement.