Manufacturing Leadership Awards

Now Open for Nominations! 

Submit by Monday, January 15, 2018

How Are Manufacturing Leadership Award Winners Selected?

ML Awards winners are selected based on evaluations by a panel of expert judges who review and vote on each nomination. The highest scoring manufacturers and individuals are designated as ML Awards winners.

One ML Awards winner from each of the Project nomination categories will be selected as a High Achiever winner. These will be the projects receiving the highest judges’ score in each project-related category. Winners of the 10 High Achiever Awards are unveiled at the Awards Gala event.

Two Manufacturers of the Year and a Manufacturing Leader of the Year will also be selected from among all of the ML Awards winners. One Manufacturer of the Year Award will honor a large company with more than $1 billion in annual revenues, and one will be awarded to a small/midsize company with less than $1 billion in annual revenues. Winners of these awards are chosen from among all ML Project Award winners and are selected through a collaborative process based on the expert judge evaluations as well editorial evaluations. These winners are announced at the ML Awards Gala event. Finalists for these awards will be identified and contacted by Manufacturing Leadership Council researchers.

For more on the ML Awards evaluation and voting methodologies, click HERE.

Manufacturers anywhere in the world are eligible for the Manufacturing Leadership Awards. Multiple nominations may be submitted by a single manufacturing enterprise, but each must be for a different project or individual achievement. No single enterprise may win more than three ML Awards in a single year.

Although discounted attendance at the Manufacturing Leadership Summit is a benefit of the ML Awards program, it is not necessary to attend the Summit to be selected as an ML Awards winner.
Software production and distribution are not considered manufacturing activities eligible for ML Awards.

The Manufacturing Leadership Council research team reserves the right to place nominations in appropriate categories.

How We Use the Information You Provide

All information provided on the nomination forms is considered private and will only be used by the Manufacturing Leadership Council research team and the ML Awards judges.

The Manufacturing Leadership Council may draw on the information in preparing profiles of ML Awards winners, but the inclusion of nomination form information in these profiles will be subject to the approval of the winning companies.