Manufacturing Leadership Awards

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Award Categories

Manufacturing Leadership Awards nominees are asked to enter information about the projects or individual achievements they are nominating into one (or more) of 11 categories. Ten of the categories are for companies that have undertaken successful, high-impact projects. Two of the categories are for individuals whose achievements have advanced their companies or the manufacturing industry.

The achievements for which individual leaders are nominated should be separate and distinct from projects that are being nominated for ML Awards.

2018 Project/Company Categories

  1. Data and Analytics Leadership—Winners in this category will have transformed the mountains of data generated by the typical manufacturing enterprise into actionable insights that can be used to achieve competitive advantage. Winners, for example, will have assembled the platforms, tools --including machine learning and artificial intelligence tools--data models, applications, processes, and skills needed to mine meaningful and timely information from data.
  2. Collaborative Innovation Leadership—Through the creative use of collaboration platforms, and the engagement of all employees, customers, and partners, winners in this category will have found ways to consistently and predictably bring new products to transform production and other processes. Winners in this category will also have employed technologies such as 3D modeling and simulation, product lifecycle management, and additive manufacturing that allow manufacturers to accelerate innovation.
  3. Engineering & Production Technology Leadership—Winners in this category will have embraced new design and production approaches to drive game-changing process improvements, adopting technologies such as advanced 3D modeling and simulation, sensor networks, advanced materials, process automation platforms, advanced robotics, and additive/3D printing for production applications. Winning projects will have contributed to improving efficiency and quality, increasing responsiveness, and reducing costs. 
  4. Enterprise Integration and Technology Leadership—Winners in this category will have revamped their corporate IT and communications strategies and systems, embracing approaches such as cloud computing, social media, advanced enterprise software applications, and mobility platforms. Winning projects will have contributed to competitive advantage and greater enterprise performance by enabling agile business processes that manufacturers can use to more effectively manage and deliver products and services. Winning projects will also serve as examples of how transformative technologies can contribute to the development of the manufacturing industry in the future.
  5. Industrial Internet of Things Leadership—Winners in this category will have improved their production and supply chain processes by leveraging insights they have gained by adding connectivity to their plant equipment in a safe and secure manner. Successful nominees, for example, will have added sensors and connectivity to plant floor equipment to enable more timely optimization of maintenance, operations, and quality.
  6. Operational Excellence Leadership—Winners in this category will have undertaken successful continuous improvement projects such a lean and Six Sigma that reduce costs, streamline processes, reduce waste, improve quality, and enhance overall equipment effectiveness. Winning projects will have demonstrated commitment over time, measurable results, and will have enhanced the organization’s overall performance.
  7. Smart Products and Services Leadership—By creating new products reimaging existing ones as smart, connected products, winners in this category will have delivered greater value to customers while discovering new service-centric business models and additional revenue opportunities. Winners in this category will have disrupted existing markets and created new ones by innovating smart, connected products and rethinking the services and solutions that those products make possible.
  8. Supply Chain Leadership—Winners in this category will have rethought and reengineered how and from where they source materials, manage suppliers, and, produce, and deliver products to customers, all with the discipline of efficiently managing the overall value chain and maximizing customer value. Winning projects in this category will have undertaken efforts to revamp and optimize supply chain and related processes, with an eye toward speeding to market products that deliver maximum value to customers.
  9. Sustainability Leadership—Winners in this category will have implemented projects that demonstrate they have thoroughly embraced manufacturing processes that are non-polluting, conserve energy and natural resources, and are economically sound and safe for employees, communities, and consumers. Winners will be able to show a broad and deep commitment to sustainability by, for example, rethinking product design and end-of-life strategies, implementing meaningful metrics, or putting into place policies that ensure sustainable practices internally and across their supply networks.
  10. Talent Management Leadership—Winners in this category will have made significant progress toward creating a workforce for the Manufacturing 4.0 era by helping to attract and recruit bright new minds to the industry and by nurturing and developing a new generation of leaders. Winners in this category will have strengthened their competitive positions and the industry by finding creative ways to build an innovative, engaged, and diverse workforce for the future. 
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Individual Achievement Awards

  1. Visionary Leadership—Individual winners in this category will have demonstrated, through their ideas, values, and achievements that they have emerged as leaders in their organizations and markets. Successful candidates will have transformed their companies and institutions and made important contributions to their industries by challenging assumptions, achieving results, and empowering others. 
  2. Lifetime Achievement Award—Individual winners in this category will have demonstrated, through a lifetime of achievement, profound and lasting impacts on their companies, markets, and the manufacturing industry at large. Through their ideas and actions, winners will have pioneered new markets, developed new business models, created market-changing products, devised transformative production methods, or significantly enhanced the overall role of manufacturing in society. Winners of the Lifetime Achievement Award have forever enhanced the manufacturing industry and set a high example for leaders who follow. See more about the Lifetime Achievement Award.